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Back when we started with linux, there was not that much info on how-to configure and secure everything. We had to search the web and study a lot to do it - hopefully - the right way.

To spare you the trouble of having to do the same, I will try to create a small repository of all the diverse information that we found useful all those years. And, if you want to give a little help with building a bigger and better place for all linux community, we will be glad to include everything you care to send that could be relevant to this experience.

This server started originally with a RedHat™ distribution and was upgraded when 7.1 version came out; and it was soon afterwards that things got a little 'out on control', with various upgrades and additions like newer kernel, dhcpcd, firewall, new ext3 filesystem and quota, update from XFree to XOrg (easy if you remember to keep a few config files), not to mention some more 'exotic' additions.

Anyway, I hope you find something useful here, and will be looking forward for your feedback.

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We have also created a few simple documents that we think will help you see the advantages of Linux and to assist you in how to easily migrate into this operating system.

open source migration how-to roadmap to linux

  kernel The Linux Kernel archives

A 'fake' kernel package - for people that want to build their own custom kernels and need an empty kernel rpm to satisfy dependencies, without having to install the full rpm kernel package... Really useful, if you know what this is for.
  sendmail Sendmail home page
  file systems Disk Maintenance under Linux (Disk Recovery)
Easy Partitioning: GNU Parted

EXT3 File System mini-HowTo
Red Hat's New Journaling File System: ext3
  apache Apache HTTP server project
  firewall MonMotha's IPTables Firewall
  security comp.os.linux.security FAQ

Sygate Online Services - A fairly simple scan that also checks for Samba information leakage
  documents The Linux Documentation Project - FAQ's and How-to's about everything Linux
  search eng. Linux Links - The Linux Portal
Loads of Linux Links Top

RPM PBone Search
Welcome to RPM repository on rpmfind.net
Welcome to RPM repository on speakeasy.rpmfind.net
rpm SEEK.com
  tips & tricks Microsoft PS-2 Mouse Wheel woes
Linux Tutorials Index

UPS Tools (NUT) project - to provide reliable monitoring of UPS hardware and ensure safe shutdowns of system
How to use UPS with nut - very good memo describing in detail how to configure NUT
Mustek PowerMust UPS driver for NUT

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